The completion of the South Quay project in early 2015, which involved the re-facing of the entire length of the front quayside, along with the development of a new West Finger Jetty plays a critical role in attracting major projects to the area where clients benefit from unrivalled quayside access - longer than any facility in the area. The existing South Quay has been entirely re-faced with a new steel piled wall and the area dredged to a depth of 12.7m below chart datum. The upgraded quay is served with electricity, potable water, sea water fire-fighting hydrants, marine gas oil and tower lighting with a ground loading spread 4m from quay edge of 50 tonnes/m3.

South Quay Key Stats

Length 370m
Depth 12m below CD
Coaping Height 6m above CD
Depth alongside 16.3m below CD at Mean High Water Springs
Depth alongside 12m below CD at Mean High Water Springs
Morrings 300t SWL rig bollard system, 200t SWL and 50t SWL general shipping system