The dock quayside is available for operating as both a dry or tidal wet dock, providing flexibility of use to the client. Located within the 65 hectare facility, tailor-made for North Sea fabrication, it benefits from excellent deep water channels to the North Sea and provides deep draft access for sea traffic, allowing large structures and shipping to make use of the unique facilites at the Port of Nigg. The dock has a 200t SWL rig mooring bollard system and a 30t SWL fixed mooring winch system.

Dock Quay Key Stats

Depth of water over the cill 9.14m below CD and 13.44m at Mean High Water Springs
Depth of water in the Dock 9.065m below CD and 13.365m at Mean High Water Springs
Permissible loading 3m back 20.4 tonnes/sq.m to 15m back 51 tonnes/sq.m
Sheet quay wall 240m long with a coaping height of 5.8m above CD